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We would like to express our gratitude to all our parents who have tirelessly supported their children’s academic development during this difficult season.

In our earlier communication sent to you in June 2020, we decided to produce class-based DVDs and workbooks to foster the learning process while our children are at home. Kindly accept our sincere apologies for the delay of this programme but we promise to be ready by Monday 3rd August, 2020.

Quite a lot has been put in to prepare these resources and therefore, we humbly request for a small contribution for this noble cause as stipulated below:-

Nursery Section Shs 70,000
P.1 - P.4 Shs 85,000
P.5 - P.7 Shs 100,000

In this package, each pupil will receive a DVD and workbooks for each subject covering the second term syllabus. Alternatively, one can bring a removable storage like external hard drives / memory cards / flash disks of 64GB and above for the video at the same cost.

Payments can be made at the school offices or through these mobile money numbers,”0783 159031 / 0703 816894 in the names “Harriet Namutebi.” Please indicate the name, class, and branch of the child. Offices are open during week-days from 9am to 3pm.

We humbly advise you to make the payments early for easier planning. In case of any inquiries you can call 0704 941648 / 0751 679767 / 0777 769915.

Please note that this programme is optional and the charged fee is mainly intended to cover costs of production.

We are indeed grateful for your high co-operation and usual support of our children.

“On A Firm Foundation We Build.”

Stay Safe

Diana Serukenya Luboyera


Mothercare Preparatory Schools

In case of any feedback please call

0751679767 0704941648(Nalumunye) 0783028290