Message to parents

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Message To Parent


We would like to commend you for all the effort that you have put in towards the education of our children during these unprecedented times. It has been a difficult journey but we thank God we are still here.


We shall be conducting interviews from 1st December 2021 to 17th December 2021 from (8:00 am - 1:00 pm). These dates were changed to accomodate those that are heading to the villages during this festive season. In an earlier communication dated 7th August 2021, children were promoted to the next class. However, parents have expressed interest and have been intentional about teaching their children so that they can go to a new class in January 2022.

All children in this category in the primary section will have to an interview on any of the mentioned dates above to assess their readiness for the new class. This will be a fee of shs 50,000 (fifty thousand shillings only)


All new and continuing students in the nursery section will not be doing interviews. However, a photocopy of hteir birth certificate and immunization card will be required during the registration of new entrants.


The Ministry of Education has not yet the official dates for reopening in January. However, below is the fees structure for your planning purposes.

CLASS New Students (Ug Shs) Continuing (Ug Shs)
NURSERY 587,300 487,300
P.1 - P.2 692,300 592,300
P.3 - P.4 707,300 607,300
P.5 - P.6 728,000 628,000
P.7 (BOARDING) 1,157,300 1,057,300
P.1 - P.6 (BOARDING) 1,057,300 957,300
CLASS New Students (Ug Shs) Continuing (Ug Shs)
Baby Class 750,000 650,000
MIDDLE - P.2 800,000 700,000
P.3 - P.4 850,000 750,000
P.5 - P.6 900,000 800,000
P.7 (BOARDING) 1,500,000 1,400,000


Teacher Anne Nsungwa the Head of Nursery at Mothercare Preparatory School Nalumunye recently suffered a stroke and is currently admitted at Mulago Hospital. We extend our sincere gratitude to all our parents that have offered financial, physical and spiritual support towards her wellbeing. We are sincerely humbled by the solidarity and 'Ubuntu' you have extended in this season. For any other contributions, please forward to 0704941648/0789587881 in the names KICONCO SYLVIA

Diana Serukenya Luboyera


Mothercare Preparatory Schools